Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics, my Babe, and books

I think Michael Phelps is super-human. The way he swims is ridiculous. And impressive. Plus he seems humble and like the boy-next-door. I love the Olympics.

Jake comes home tonight! I'm excited, and I think we're both excited to see each other again. It's been two weeks and I've missed him.

I finished reading a book called Candy Girl, by Diablo Cody, the writer of the movie Juno. Candy Girl is the story of her year spent as a stripper in Minneapolis. I was throughly entertained. it was well-written, witty, and gave an interesting insight into the foreign world of stripping. I'm back to reading Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? I've seen the movie but don't remember it very well so I don't know where the book is going. Honestly I hope it goes somewhere, but I think it's going to stay on the same mundane yet well-written path. That mundaneness is the essence of Gilbert, so it has to encompass the book.

I have another book in mind for when this one is done. And one after that. One on deck and one in the hole, as they say.

Seriously if I could read for a living, I would be so happy.

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