Friday, August 8, 2008

Thee Best Day EVER!

I don't think anything could beat these 3 good things in one day!
1. I had a customer tell me a I had a very lovely smile today. And when someone does that you the receiver can't help but smile even bigger, like a goon. But I did, said thanks and continued on my morning.
2. I have a bunch of Special Ed. guys come in about once a week. One of them walks like he's the opposite of pigeon toed, with big long strides and always like he has a purpose. he has wide leg, flood water pants, and glasses. He's quiet the character, always smiling, always happy. He will come in, go to the same set of head phones, and find the song Karma Chamelion, and sing loudly with the headphones on, over and over. It's endearing. Today he came striding up to be and said with his little lisp, "I have an interview." (not really pronouncing the R, intiview) "At Cattle Baron, to be a dish washa." (remember he doesn't pronounce the R's. He was so proud and so excited that you couldn't help but be proud and excited for him. I shook his hand and wished him luck.
3. This last one is the best. At lunch I got a phone call, it was the store manager of the Barnes and Noble in downtown Minneapolis. They have an open position for me, I was highly recommended, for the music manager. He is willing to wait until I come home in October for the face to face interview. And the best part about this job, is the music manager goes out and talks to the jazz bars and the Minnesota Orchestra to have people come and play in the store! I was so surprised and excited that it showed on the phone. "That is awesome!" and "Oh my gosh, I love that!" and "I'm so excited!" were all that came out of my mouth. So I have to arrange an interview for after I arrive back home, and I was highly recommended. Yea me!

Like I said, Thee Best Day Ever!

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