Friday, August 1, 2008

Two funnies

I just saw Wall-E, and it's so darn-tooting cute! If you thought Short Circuit was cute, this ups the bar quite a bit. Who would have thought that animated robots who don't say many audible words could be so endearing? There is a love story more genuine than many human love stories. Plus it has a sweet message about saving the planet. I highly recommend it.

Then on the way home I saw some blinking lights up ahead on my right. I moved over to the left just in case whatever it was needed space. And it turns out it's a tow-truck waiting to turn onto the road I'm on. But the best part is that it's towing a cop car! Did the cop car double park and someone else had it towed? Did it break down? Who knows. I just tend to think that cop cars and cops don't need tow trucks. Almost like the cars are super power cars. I giggled to myself as I drove past.

It's Saturday tomorrow! Saturdays are always fun, work or no work.

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