Sunday, August 3, 2008

A day in the life of moi

I worked at 3pm today and regret not doing a damn thing until I left for work. The couch was just calling my name and I didn't refuse. it made the first hour of work rough, just to get into the swing of things. But work went well. No one yelled, I answered most questions and was even told I was wonderful. That was nice.

I have some good things for today.
1. I'm back in touch (thanks to facebook) with a friend from college. She was one of the first people I became friends with freshman year, and we've lost touch since graduation. Getting back in touch with old friends always brings a smile.
2.I had to sell a favorite chair of mine and even cried when it left the house. But my mom found me a new one back in MN and she sent me a picture of it today. It puts my old red chair to shame and I love it! It's purple and over-stuffed and fantastic! I can't hardly wait to sit in it.
3. I talked to my aunt today. Having sat on the couch, I got a bit lonely and I dialed her up to say hello. It's always nice to talk to family.

What were you're three good things for today?

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