Monday, August 25, 2008

Recent events...

I went on a mini vacation this past weekend to Phoenix and it was so great. Jake and I were supposed to have friends come into town and sadly they had to cancel, but I already had the weekend off, so we took the opportunity to go somewhere. We saw a couple of baseball games and had delicious baseball hot dogs. (There is nothing like a hot dog at a baseball game, it tastes so good! And no I don't want to know what is in them.)
The Diamondbacks lost the first game but one the second, and it was a fun palce to people watch as most sporting events are. We screamed and hoot and hollered for the home team. And had a grand time.
We stayed in this amazing hotel with a king-sized bed, a gorgeous pool, a yummy continental breakfast, and refrigerated air conditioning. It was so relaxing and refreshing and at the end neither Jake nor I wanted to leave. It was just so nice. So nice
I'll post some pictures later.

I have a writing assignment due in a little less than two weeks and I think I have my topic and a really good rough draft done. I find it hard to get going on topics, but once I do it just rolls. Patience is a big thing in writing for me. But even more is persistence.

I'm reading the new David Sedaris book called When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I realize that I never read the book that I say I'm going to. But I'll get to them all eventually. Seriously, reading for a living...perfect.
But this book, I love David Sedaris, he's so witty and honest and funny. He just writes essays about his life I love to read it. Jake and I listened to one of his first books on tape on the way to Phoenix. That was fun. Sometimes it's hard for us to find a book on tape/disc that we both want to listen to. But we both loved David Sedaris (I'd call him by just his first name but then I feel it's like I know him like my next door neighbor.)

Today I got another phone call from the manager at the downtown B&N in Minneapolis today and he's offered me another interview for the cafe manager position. I'm up for both positions which is great and I'd be happy with either. It's awesome to hear that other people think that I am qualified and want me to be a part of their team. I'm excited to stay with the company and I'm even more excited to be a part of a team that wants me.

Life is good, things are good, I am good. :-)

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