Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A book review, people watching, & my day off

I have picked up the book Sex and the City and am so tremendously bored. I hate that. This is one of the few cases where the movie/TV show is better than the book. It's written in a very elementary fashion, "Bla bla bla" he said. "Bla bla bla" she said and so on. No depth, no conclusion, the reader doesn't get to know the heart of the characters at all. And I think that is simply because there are too many of them. The TV show focused on these 4 women and we got to know and love and understand them. The book doesn't have a focus. It's focus is Manhattan, which is fine. But doesn't much of a city's personality come from the personality of it's inhabitants? And all these characters, no matter how small, are one-dimensional.

As an avid reader I quite often feel bad when I decide not to finish a book. But I've come to realize that there are too many good books out there to waste time on one that doesn't strike my fancy. So, see you later page-turning Sex and the City. I'll just stick to the DVDs. Those I love so much!

I saw a guy today that had on leather pants. Not a leather coat like so many people, but a very shiny pair of leather pants. And to top it off he had on an almost-orange pair of leather cowboy boots and this long, flowing dark brown hair. It was so long he actually tossed his head, the way a flirty girl in a bar does, when the wind took his hair and whipped it around his face. I wonder if those leather pants were a winter-only wear. You'd think that in the warmer months he'd have on something a little lighter, more breathable. But then again maybe not. Not many people can pull of leather pants (in fact I don't think this guy did) but the ones who do put them on, I'm guessing wear them more often than not. Leather=cool, pants=warmth therefore leather pants=must wear as often as possible.

I have spent the day today outside walking around the Uptown area, window-shopping and enjoying the sun. It is mighty cold here but I don't mind the cold as much when the sun is out. And today the sky is a lovely blue with not a cloud to be seen, the wind is minimal, and the snow is unmelting. It was a perfect day to wander from shop to shop, with my new imitation Ugg boots and my hat on, and of course my sun glasses. I did some Christmas shopping, bought myself a used copy of Eat, Pray, Love in hardcover no less, had lunch and sat and read in the booth of Bruegger's. And I have yoga tonight. I haven't been a few weeks and am looking forward to it.

This weekend is the last Holidazzle parade of the year. Thank god! And then it's back to the normal coffee-selling tactics, and no more mass ordering of mocha powder. Whew.

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