Sunday, December 7, 2008

Note to self

When you utilize public transportation never go to Target and then leave with more than you can carry. It is a bad news bears situation. That was me today. I needed a coffee maker, which took up on reusable bag, and then some food and toothpaste, and such which then took up another bag. Plus it was snowing, had a bitter cold blowing down the buildings, and my tosies were cold in their thin socks. But I made it home in one piece, be it a over-loaded and slightly winded piece.

I need to invest in thicker socks and some sort of mid-thigh to ankle leg-warmer because that is the only part of me that is cold while I wait for the bus. I've got my whole body covered but my legs get mighty chilly.

I finished the best book last night! The author of Marley and Me, John Grogan, wrote a new book called The Longest Trip Home and it is so so so good! I read about the last half of it last night. I just couldn't put it down. It's a memoir divided into 3 parts, his childhood, his travels to separate from his parents and their beliefs, and then his travel back home both figuratively and literally speaking to his aging parents and accepting where he came from. It's written so well, a bit of comical relief at just the right points, and he really pulls at your heart strings with his bare feelings coming right from the heart. I found myself crying several times last night. He was talking about death and the ability to accept the fact that the end is coming. And I found myself sobbing, my tears falling back on to my pillow. I started to think about when my Grandma was dying. It was so hard to understand that her life was coming to an end, but once that fact sat in my heart without stinging, the actual death was easy. And that was exactly what the author was saying while he watched someone he loved dearly slip away. Death is a very peaceful moment. And that is all it is, a moment. It's the big wind-up to it with all the decisions, and the hard fact that this happens to everyone that brings the tears.
Thank you Mr. Grogan for writing your story and allowing others to read it. It was a lovely reminder of my loved ones and how much they mean to me.

I'm going to call my Grandpa now.

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