Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cabin fever

Being sick/confining oneself to her apartment slowly has the ability to send oneself to the nut-house. I have had myself lay low since yesterday and I'm starting to go a little coo-coo. And to add to it all I have an ice-cream shop across the street which makes it far too easy to get a tasty frozen treat every night. I do have to commend myself though, I've only gotten ice cream 3 times since I moved in and yes I'm counting. Don't judge.

I have spent a good chunk of the day on line, looking for writing inspiration. Also on facebook, that stupid site is like crack. I've napped, and of course watched some Friends. I've written some things, mostly ramblings, just a stream of consciousness sort of thing.

And I'm off tomorrow. Hopefully I'll kick this dumb cold in day 3 and I will have written a piece that is pure brilliance. Once again, heres hoping...

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