Monday, December 29, 2008

You've got to be kidding me!

I forgot about this guy until I found the note in my pocket. On Christmas eve day I had a customer at work who asked to have his small soy latte returned because we put a lid on it and that was environmentally sound. Yep, it happened.


1. It's a law for us to give them their drink with a lid on it so we don't spill and burn the customer or ourselves. But he said "That's bull shit. It's not a damn law, it's corporate shit. I'm a lawyer." Fine.
2. It's more environmentally sound to bring your own mug, you Jackass! The lid he didn't want is only half the garbage, there is still the cup. The cup that he didn't want to take his delicious drink in because it wasn't environmentally sound.
3. It's ridiculous!
4. And this is my job. Lucky me.

I did have a lady who clearly talks to herself day in and day out call me crazy and stupid today. Thanks. But aren't you the crazy one?! Miss-I-talk-to-no-one-ALL-THE-TIME!!!

I've had an off day and will blog more positive stuff within the next day or so. Once I get past the fact that sometimes I can't believe I get treated the way I do when I serve people coffee at work.

1 comment:

  1. I fondly remember being screamed and swore at during my days at Menards because our wood sucked.

    Sorry you were so abused by idiots. The man should carry his own coffee warmer thing instead of launching venom at you. Dumb man.

    Luke is on board for Saturday:)