Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold weather yet a warm body and soul

You can tell it's cold out when you get inside, take off all your layers, and realize that the spot on your scarf where your breath has been hitting it has little icicles on it. I walked to yoga today and therefore walked home when it was over and I was frigid. Plus walking there I didn't realize that the I was walking downhill the whole way. And therefore walking home was a constant uphill. So I am tired. Tired tired tired.

But yoga was fantastic! We did a half mala. Which is 54 sun salutations, constant movement, constant up and down, I really felt my blood flow. About half way through I really felt like I had gone through a barrier, and found a good zone to sit in. I seemed to stop thinking and instead was just being. It was nice. I don't remember individual moments of the class. I just seemed to let my other senses take control for a while and gave my brain a rest. In the end it felt amazing to know that my body could go as far as it did tonight. I was unsure about this yoga class but in the end felt like I had surpassed my own expectations. Yea me!

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  1. WOW- a half yogamala and you lived to tell about it and even walked home. I am impressed and proud. Would like to say I have done that. Really being in your body is an amazing experience-leaving your mind finally free to rest. Yeah, you!