Friday, December 12, 2008

A fellow at the bus station

So I was sitting at the Uptown bus station today and a middle-aged handsome black man came up and stood near me to wait for the bus. He had on a fedora, a ankle-length black fur coat, these shiny brown leather shoes that might have been alligator or snake skin, he had on very nice, very expensive pair of glasses and had on two rings. One on his ring finger and one on his pinky. It takes a very unique man to wear and pull of a pinky ring. I complemented him on his coat and was slightly envious because he looked so wonderfully warm. He was so put together. Dapper. That is a good word for this fellow. (And it's not used nearly enough. Perhaps because not enough people are around for it to be used.) Anyway, this man was dapper and he pulled it off well. After he got on the bus I became curious about his life. He was dressed the way many people would dress if they went to a "Pimp and Hoes" party, only the stuff he was wearing was a little less flashy and definitely not from Spencer's Gifts. Was he a pimp? Was he a smooth, exceptionally dressed business man? Is this is only fancy outfit? Was he headed somewhere special or does he dress like this all the time? I wish I could know. I'm so curious.

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  1. How did he respond to your compliment? Perhaps he'll be a part of your mass transit experience from now on. Who shops at Spencer's Gifts? I remember purchasing cheesy key chains there in middle school and high school... though I never had any keys:) Write a story about this man's life:)