Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little July joy

Today was the longest parade to ever happen in Minneapolis. Or so I'm told. There was an international convention of the Lions (like the Elks but different) and today was their parade. It started at 10 am and went until 2 and it went right past my store. We were completely entertained for 4 hours! There were floats and bands a few big balloons, even something purple, gold, and sparkely drove by. Uber fun!

I haven't posted much lately. I noticed I wrote more when things were not as good as they are now. Why is it that when things suck we find it so easy to complain but when things are good, we keep quiet? Maybe we are just reveling in the good? Maybe.

Summer here is good. It's been humid but I'll take humidity over dry heat any day. I know most people thing I'm crazy but with humidity also comes a breeze, trees, shade, lakes, water, and eventually rain. Dry heat is just hot. All. The. Time. No thanks.
I'm reading a very funny book right now. It's called At Least In The City Someone Could Hear Me Scream. It's a gay couple's quest to move to the country and live simply. And I laugh out loud every time I open it up. He's so gay and so honest about his quirks that it's endearing. You want to slap him and say "Oh good grief, it's just the wind." But he is so open about his misunderstanding of the simple life that you are pulling for him to make it through the winter. Plus he's witty and I love witty.

My birthday is in less than 2 weeks. I'm going to be 30! I'm totally stoked to turn 30 but not as excited about the party I'm throwing for myself. Having a summer birthday sucks for one reason and one reason only. No one can ever celebrate with you because they all plan their summers in February and every weekend is taken up with "the lake cabin" or Florida. Seriously, who goes to Florida in the summer?! It's hot and sunny here people and we have just as much water as they do just in smaller increments! But 30 years old, that is very exciting. I did hear someone once say in your 30's you now have to take responsibility for all the dumb things you do. In your 20's you didn't know better, but now in your 30's you're older and wiser. How dull and boring. I'm going to do bigger and better things and look cuter than I did in my 20's doing them!

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