Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Writers block and no inspiration

I need to find my muse.

She took off into some creative abyss that I can not seem to find. It stinks. I have much to write about but I am having the hardest time making it interesting and well-written. Some of my best works have been written about something very hard in my life. But right now there isn't much that is hard. There are daily struggles but nothing that is getting me stressed out.

Maybe I should count my blessings. And quit complaining. And write about something good. Or positive is a better word.

Some of my thoughts for my next assignment which is due in 2 weeks.
1. Location location location. How being in a city that is good to you and that you love makes your daily life worth living.
2. I'm turning 30 in 4 days. And I'm stoked! Does getting older really qualify the end or does it just get better the older you get? Is it all about your view on your own situation?
3. A best of Minneapolis, Riley style. And why one needs to experience what I think is the best of the best of this city.
4. And procrastination piece. This came to me mostly because when I can't get myself to buckle down and write. I will find everything else to do instead of write. So in stead of procrastinating, I decided to write about. And right now, that piece is crap. But whatever.

See? Weak. Nothing that jumps off the page and scream "Yes! That one! It will be a winner!"

I'm stuck and have no idea where to go from here. I used to think writers block didn't exist. But now I think otherwise. It exists and it's like a little bug that just buzzes around and around, quick enough that you can't kill it and slow enough that you know it's always there.

Damn pest.


  1. no where to start from but here. write from where you are right now - if it is truthful, it will be beautiful. :)

  2. I like #3. I would like a Riley Tour of The Cities. =)