Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My birthday and perhaps a furry friend

I am 30. And 3 days. And it feels no different than 29. Everyone asks that on every birthday, "So how does it feel to be...?" And it never feels any different than the day before.

I do have to say that being a year older doesn't feel different so much as now saying I'm 30 feels new. I heard a quote once that said "Now in your 30's you have to actually have to take responsibility for your actions." Made me laugh, but my mama raised me right, and I have been taken responsibility for my actions for years. Or most of them at least.

For my birthday I had a small party at Mom's house. I was very upset for a while because not many people could make it. But I got over that (sort of) and ended up having a grand time! Many friends from work came, and we always have a lot to laugh about together, and friends from college and even an old friend from high school. It was a nice mix and I truly enjoyed myself. And even felt very lucky to have those people in my life.

So I'm 30. And the next night I was 30 years and 1 day old and had mac and cheese with cut-up hot dogs for dinner. I may be older but parts of me will always be young!!

I am thinking about getting a cat. And last night my mother and I went to the Humane Society to look and like the norm, I fell for a one of the little cats. But I also broke out in hives and had to leave without him. My neck was all itchy and red, it cooled down after an hour away from the felines. But all day today I was thinking about this cat. He was scrawny with a funny face and a long snout. He was a stray and I think once he was fattened up a bit, his face would fill out. But he cuddled with me, and was playful and so endearing. I was holding him on my shoulder and he just nuzzled into my neck. What a sweetie. So tonight I hemmed and hawed for about 2 hours trying to decide if I should go back and get him. And I'm sure nearly drove my mother crazy. I decided to go pick him up and half way there realized I can't afford to pay for him right now. (I have vacation plans in a few weeks that I need to save for.) So Mom turned the car around and we'll try when I'm back from my little trip.

As I have sat and thought about it more tonight, I do want a cat. I'm nervous about it for reasons I can not figure out. I'm going to get some Claritin and hope that stops the allergies. This cat was the scrawniest, most homely one of the bunch but I really liked him. I'm hoping that this little guy will be there in a few weeks when I want to go pick him up for myself. It's a no-kill shelter so they stay until they are adopted.

My mom is right. I miss having a pet. And having a little furry friend to greet me when I come home and cuddle with me while I watch Friends is exactly the perfect addition to my life. If anything it would give me someone to talk to other than myself.


  1. It's funny how you don't really feel the age sometimes, right up until your next birthday is right around the corner.

  2. I think I'm allergic. But it was more from me just itching my neck than anything else. I'm going to get some allergy meds and see if that helps.