Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look what I did!!

I have been wanting a new tattoo for a while now. And I have known what I want and where I wanted to get it. And in 10 days I turn 30. So I decided about a month ago that for my 30th birthday I would get my tattoo as a birthday present to myself.

Pretty cool huh?!

The boyfriend of a friend of mine at work is a tattoo artist and my friend had suggested I go to him. So I did. If you're interested it's Marx Barry at Aloha Tattoo in Burnsville.

My mom went with me. If only she had been in the back to hold my hand. Because f*** did that hurt! I don't remember my first tattoo hurting that much. I nearly passed out during the outlining. Marx let me take a break and got me some water. But I clenched the cushion of the chair the whole time. And just when I was going to ask for another breather, he handed me a mirror and told me to check out the finished product. I love it! It turned out so much cooler than I had imagined!

It's my own version of yin and yang. It's my strength and the ability to accept both the masculine and feminine sides of myself.

Yea for me!!


  1. Well done, Pretty. I love it. (and you!)

  2. Awesome -- it's so cool! I've heard of Marx, he has a great reputation. I *think* I'm getting my first tattoo next week. Wish me luck!