Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little love note part deux

So a few months ago I wrote a post about a found love letter. I had found a little card at work that was blank for the giver to write their own message in it. And someone named E had written a little birthday love letter to a man named Kenny. She said how she had hoped to be the beautiful girl that he saw her as and that she wanted to give all of her heart to him. I had kept that card because it was filled with such bare emotion that I felt someone should hold onto it. Right now that card is sitting in my wooden box of sentimental cards and things.

Well I found out who E and Kenny were. E is actually Elizabeth and Kenny is her boyfriend and they come into my work a couple of times a week, each get a small coffee with a few refills, and they sit by the window talking quietly. I've gotten to know a little bit about both of them. Elizabeth is anemic so she always has us fill a little water cup with ice for her to suck on. Kenny is a trumpet player and is often one of the musicians that I hear in the evening hours of downtown. Elizabeth likes her coffee black and Kenny likes his with cream and vanilla powder added. I don't know how long they have been together or how their relationship started. But I do know that it's not as calm and caring on the inside as it appears to be on the outside.

I don't want to divulge all their information because when Kenny started to talk to me because I told him he could. I was like a hairdresser, someone you can just tell your problems to and they will listen. But mostly I've rediscovered through someone else's story that relationships are never easy. It takes understanding, patience, communication. And no one is prefect but the thing we all have to figure out is whether or not we're perfect for each other.

I find it so interesting that we were all born with a huge, hungry-for-love heart, yet when it's right there staring us in the face, something else within us gets in the way. Our mind, our stubbornness, fear, an unknown something inside trying to tell us that this isn't it.

I hope that Kenny and Elizabeth can work through whatever issues they are having for many reasons. But personally, I like them together. From an outsider's view they seem comfortable and compatible, and sweet when they are sitting next to each other. His arm around her shoulder, drinking coffee and watching the world go by from the windows of a coffee shop.


  1. I think it can definitely be an interesting thing to watch other relationships at work, especially when they are working ones.

  2. True words, dearie. It's pretty freeing, I think, to realize this.

    ... btw, pardon my ignorance, but what does eating ice have to do with anemia please?

  3. Lynn, I have no idea about the ice/anemia thing. But thats what she says so I just go along with it.

  4. Its true. Its all true... anyone who thinks that love isn't something you have to work for is selling something perverted. :)