Friday, July 17, 2009

That was far too easy

I think I've figured out why this country is fat. Or at least one of the many reasons.

I'm house-sitting this week which means I also have a car. So I've been driving a bit and have gone through the drive-through at McDonald's. Twice. Shameful, I know. But that is not the point.

My point is that as I was driving away today, eating my fries and Strawberry shake, I realized getting this food was far too easy with a car. When I am car-less and have to actually think about how I'm going to get food, I put a bigger effort into eating good things that will fill me up and give me more for my money. Having the car today and realizing I wanted a mid-day snack made it all so easy to get salty goodness.

No wonder we as a country are fat.

I bet if people got rid of their cars, used another mode of transportation to their destination other than what might be immediate or easy, they might be thinner. But more importantly they may be less stressed, more happy and more full of life.

I think this is being added to the list as to why I'm glad I don't have a car any more. Although I did just renew my license two days ago, just in case.

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