Monday, January 3, 2011

From 2010 to 2011

New Years. Resolutions. Change. Becoming a better person. It's what we all strive to be, I hope. Yet I think I ask the same question every new year, why do we make these lists to accomplish in January, and not all year long? Once something is completed, I don't think we stop trying we just stop thinking about it.

I made 3 resolutions last year check 'em out here. And oddly enough I didn't do any. Oops. Not on purpose, life just happened. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." And I didn't make any specific plans, life just took off for me and somehow those things didn't hop on the bandwagon. (Although I did do number 3 on the last from last year, but that wasn't until November. That still counts right?) And actually now that I'm reading over that post, I did do number 2, but all on accident. I met Chuck, he loves to cook and he got me more comfortable in an apron and in front of the stove.

So it turns out I did do a few of the things on last years better-my-life-list. Yea me!

Is it bad that this year I'd like to continue on last years list? My money is doing better. Moving in with the beau has saved us both, and I have started putting more of each paycheck aside. As for the cooking, it's so fun doing it with someone! He has great ideas in the kitchen and I'm a little chef in-training waiting for our next meal. The volunteering I'd still like to do, but before that I'd like to find something that I like more that someone will also pay me for. (I'm looking for a new job, but you didn't hear that from me.)

I've been working out. Again, so much more fun when you do it with someone! Chuck and I motivate each other to get on the treadmill, we cheer the other on when the running gets tough (yeah, I'm running. Who am I?), we hold each others knees during the sit-ups. It's great and I feel good about it. We keep joking that we are going to be the hot ones at the beach next summer. But I think both of us are actually serious about that. So this little paragraph isn't a resolution (because those never follow through,) it's simply a statement of what I've been doing. ;-)

Now my 2010 year in review...
Can I get a "Holla!"?? This year became so freaking fantastic and I have no idea when that was. Just looking back, there are so many amazing things that it makes it really hard to find a crappy thing. In maybe an order maybe not,

1. I met Chuck. He is everything that I have been looking for and everything that I didn't think existed. He makes me feel like the most beautiful, smart, amazing woman and I am so unbelievably lucky.
2. I really began to understand my business at my job. I have never been a numbers person (I majored in theatre for goodness sake, we don't do numbers, we feel things.) But I know now where the numbers come from and what I do has a direct result in raising or lowering those. The higher the better.
3. I got my cat. He's such a little furry friend and he's become my little greeter every day when I come home. He chirps at me and rubs on my legs and then flops down at me feet for a belly rub. As much as he drives me nuts when he gets "the heeby jeebies" and runs around the apartment, I adore him.
4. I met Chuck's daughters, (good thing too, otherwise us living together would be a bit awkward.) I think they are two of the most amazing little creatures on the planet. Through them I have learned that being a parent is really hard. I've been reminded that they are sponges, if nothing watch your language. I've discovered that they are susceptible to the littlest things and change moods on a dime. I've also learned that love is the best thing. You love them first and foremost and everything else should fall into place.
6. I've realized that I am still unsure what I want to do with my life, wait let me be more specific, for a living for the rest for my life I don't know if that falls into a kick-ass category but.... I'm 31, I'm working in a job I like and that I am good at, but I don't know what I want to do for a living for the rest of my life. Can I be one of those people that just figures that kind of thing out along the way? Perhaps.

I'm sure there are more, but at the moment Chuck and I are putting together a dream vacation list, where we want to go and what we want to do when we get there. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dream about my awesome future!

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