Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I got the movie Atonement in the mail from Netflix and decided to put it in tonight. Here is my thought process before the movie...
Me and some fruity wine and a good romantic movie, sounds like a nice few hours of ME time.
That movie is SO overrated. Another period movie that is a love story where boy-meets-girl-boy-can't-have-girl and the last 90 minutes is the sad chase that the star crossed lovers go through. Didn't we already have that with the several-hundred-year-old Romeo and Juliet?
I was bored and the best part about it was maybe the camera shots and the sound. So I went onto Facebook and browsed my friends and drank my wine and then shut it off, unfinished.
Then I channel flipped until I found a good stand-by, Sex and the City. And yes I've seen them all and yes I know how it ends. But I like it and Atonement; like I did not.
Next movie please, Mr. Netlifx!

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