Friday, October 17, 2008

Added to my list of why Minnesota is great

I have discovered something that just adds to the joy of being back in Minneapolis. There is a place downtown called The Loft and it's a business that is available jsut for writers. They have classes, reading/writing groups, little studios you can rent out just for writing. It's fantastic!

Last winter sometime my mom had sent me one of their monthly newsletters and i was so enthralled with the place that she got me a membership too. Well, last night they had a new member open house and I went. About 15-25 people showed up and we got an introduction the The Loft, a tour of the space, and they told us of all the benefits that they offer for writers.

I couldn't stay through the tour or for the reading afterward because I was the fool who drove downtown with not enough quarters and my meter was running out. So I had to leave in a rush. But I left in an excited rush. I was so stoked to have found this place. It's in what used to be three separate warehouses that were gutted and pushed together but it still has all the original brick work and floors, and fire doors. There is so much character in the building alone, let alone all the support for writers that they offer, it oozes creativity. I can't hardly wait to go back!

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