Monday, October 6, 2008

No "case of the Mondays" here!

"Monday morning, you sure looked fine!" (Fleetwood Mac, it's a good song, you should listen.)
Today was a day well spent. Mom worked but was a dear and let me have use of her car if I drove her to and from work. And since I was up before the sun I figured I'd stay up and get-along-little-doggy with my day.

1. I stopped to get Caribou Coffee. The best coffee EVER. For those who've only had Starbucks when it comes to chain coffees, that place ain't got nothing on Caribou when it comes to different drinks and service. My how I have missed it!
2. I walked the dog. I truly enjoy walking and taking the dog makes it fun. Someone to talk to even though he doesn't answer and someone to make me laugh even though he doesn't mean to.
3. I had an interview at my future Barnes and Noble and that was the most laid-back thing I've done in a while (when it comes to getting a job). I'm in like next spring's fashions. And it feels fantastic! I just have to interview with the DM to make sure that he thinks I'm fitting. But with the way it went today, should be just as smooth.
But keep your fingers crossed for me, just in case.
4. I got my hair did (yes, that was a Missy Elliot reference) at my old salon. Getting your hair cut can be a joy but getting it cut by someone who is as fun as the girl who did it today is wonderful. I shall be returning.
5. I apartment searched and got some appointments set up for showings. I saw one yesterday but later in the evening said no. It had no tub, and I like my bubble baths. But I have an showing (although shouldn't it be called a viewing seeing as how I am the viewer and they are the show-er) tonight and two tomorrow. And am waiting on a few more to call me back.
6. An I'm going to watch the Vikings game tonight with some extended family. I don't really care about the game (sorry Mom and Uncle Jon) but I'm more excited for the company I'll be keeping tonight. They are like my second parents and also my friends.

Tomorrow, another fun-filled day of getting settled back into home-city-home.

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