Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mid-week home

So I rode the bus yesterday for the first time in something like 3 years. I got my all-access-ride-any-time pass and when I got on the bus it was like I had walked onto another planet. There was a new contraption for me to "touch and go" my bus pass, rather than slide it in the slot like a transfer. And I just stood there dumb-founded. It was rush hour, the bus was packed and there were two people behind me. I felt like a moron. I apologized quietly and to no one specific. What I really wanted to say was "I'm sorry everyone. I swear I'm not new! I'm just out of practice!" Instead I had the bus driver tell me how to pay properly, I walked back and took my seat, flushed top to bottom. But after I realized that no one really cares, and most people didn't even notice it was fine. Oddly enough it was a comforting feeling, being back on good public transportation, I sank right in and read my book. Glancing up occasionally to notice other people, what they were reading, the guy with the Dollywood shirt on wondering if he knows my friend Chet, or the uber cute red shoes on the girl in the back.

And today I took the bus down and even got some errands done. I got off and on and off and on again, all using my pass. I had another interview for my job, with the boss's boss. And I still have one more with the head of the department. I think it's going well, I'm hopeful. I also turned in an application for an apartment that I found yesterday and just loved. When I got there I was crabby, it was raining and I had smashed my finger trying to close my umbrella. But once I was in this old fantastic building and seeing where I could be living, it was like the sun was shining and I just won the lottery. This building was built in 1912 and was originally a hotel with a restaurant in the basement. It reminded me of The Shinning in it's decoration and history. It has hardwood floors, a deep tub, and big windows. I was sold on the place and couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the day. So today I turned in my ap and now I wait. Keep your fingers crossed.

I stopped reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, just wasn't feeling it right now. And I picked up Water for Elephants which has gotten rave reviews. So far it flows well, has some funny parts, and leaves enough mystery for me to want to keep reading. And now that I'm on the bus I'll be reading more and more.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a day at home, getting organized and repacked and stuff.

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