Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm shocked

I can't sleep so I thought I'd do some research for my next article for my writing class when I stumbled upon something that shocked me. And no it's not porn. It's a website for term papers. If this is not new news to you, well lucky you. Because it is to me! I'm shocked and rather angry that this website even exists. The home page says it has term papers since 1998 and that the reason they charge for them is because they have "more quality term papers on line than any other web site."

So what? You just go on the website, find your topic, find the paper that suits you best, pay for it and your set? You get a passing grade without learning anything! That sucks!

This is mostly annoying because the article that I'm researching is whether or not a college education is worth anything any more. It mostly stems from my experience, having a degree, using it for a while and then realizing that isn't what I really want to do any more. And most of what I have read says it depends on the field you want to go into. Which is pretty much where I stand. I think.

But having a website like the term papers on line one is ridiculous. Is learning not worth anything any more? And if you can't do research for your own term paper, how the hell are you going to function in the working world, no matter what career path you choose?

Hmmmm, maybe I can somehow include all of this in my article...

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  1. Well, there is the danger of being caught plagiarizing...although if your browsing the web for ready-made term papers, that's probably considered acceptable risk.