Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homeward bound

So many emotions and so little time. In the past 24 hours I think I've experienced all the possible feelings one human can feel without spontaneously combusting. It's very tiring. I wouldn't wish it on too many people. Yet amazingly here I am still awake and choosing to relive the feelings as I write about them. Maybe I'm a bit crazy. That is very possible.

My mother and I didn't stop to sight-see. I wasn't feeling like checking out the country-side other than through my rented tinted window. We've made it through New Mexico, that state takes forever to get through. And are slumbering in southern Colorado. I love Colorado. It's so pretty and calming and has fantastic seasons. Sigh... seasons.

We have plans with two of my closest friends from college in the next day or so. And also we are going to go through South Dakota and see Crazy Horse and The Corn Palace. And believe me, there will be pictures posted of an entire palace made of corn. How fantasticly tacky!

Think good travel thoughts for us!

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