Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day two

We've made it to South Dakota, just in time for the Vice President debates. And can I just say "Shut the f up, Pallin!" Seriously, what the hell is she saying and does she really know anything substantial?! I don't want her to wink at the camera or at Joe Biden, I don't want her to mention another hockey mom, and you can tell when she starts talking about something that she really isn't sure on because she stops smiling and her eyes get flat. She smiles when she beats around the bush on topics and says shit like "Thanks but no thanks..." and "Well if I find any information, I'll get it to ya'." She is the tip of the iceberg on what is wrong with that political party.

OK, got that off my chest. If I offended anyone, sorry but it's my blog...

Our drive today was much better. Scenery-wise and emotional-wise. Colorado is gorgeous, all these trees and mountains and changing leaves. The last hour of Wyoming was painful. Just the same vast space to look at and I started to get bored. But the best part of today was seeing a few of my closest friends. I had coffee with my friends Ben and Ed in Denver in a fantastic little artsy neighborhood. It's so comforting when you can get together with friends who you don't see too often and have it be like it was just last week that you saw each other. Then we had lunch in Cheyenne with Hansen. And just like the coffee earlier in the morning, it was refreshing and so so so good to see my dear friend. When you have people in your life who stand behind you in everything you do, that is a rare find and something you don't want to let go of. Thanks Fellas, for your company today and your friendship always.

As for me and my emotions... I'm much more stable today. I only got choked up rather than sobbing several times like yesterday. I think it's the idea that I'm coming to terms with how quickly life can change. I knew this was coming but had no idea how hard it would be. No idea. I'm still nervous, it's such a large change that I chose to make. But the emotions aren't slapping me in the face over and over again like they were yesterday.

Tomorrow we are going to see Crazy Horse and hopefully make it across the state to see the Corn Palace. We are in Custer State Park right now, the Black Hills are so pretty, with the fall colors coming out.

I'm going to go step outside now and breathe in the fall air. A big deep breath to calm my soul.

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