Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A few excerpts from the new job and much other rambeling

It's the end of day two of the full training for the cafe position. And I am tired. I was the same way after being in receiving the first few days, not in music thought. That area is a breeze, but cafe... sometimes I feel like I'm running around doing things and I'm not even sure what I'm doing. It's constant motion and there is always something to wash or make or bake. It certainly keeps me busy and come 2 in the afternoon today I finally realized I was hungry. Being busy also makes me forget to eat. Unlike in music, if I didn't eat by 12:30, I was crab-by! I am enjoying it so far, having fun learning new things and getting the hang of all the gadgets and timers and machines.

The newest fun thing for me is eves-dropping on people on the bus. Yep, watch what you say I am listening and I will write about you if you catch my attention. Like this woman today who was pissing and moaning about work. (Which so many people do. Newsflash, if you don't like your job, find a new one.) But what got me about this lady was she did the whole less-is-more thing. For those of you not schooled in the lingo of "Waiting For Gufman" (great movie, watch it), less-is-more is when you are talking to someone you face them but close your eyes. And then when you look away you open your eyes. Back and forth, opening and closing at the wrong times. It's very annoying to those that are observant. I also think it's a subconscious effort to stay disconnected from people. (Mind you I never took a psychology class.) The guy she was talking to seemed not to mind, but I also think he didn't look at her much. The gaffawed about life and I moved to the back so their conversation was harder to hear thanks to the engine.

I have had two exceptionally interesting people come through the cafe in the last few days. One is a regular who talks to herself. Now when I was in NYC in Spetember my friends taught me a game called "Bluetooth or Crazy" meaning you have to guess if they are talking into a Bluetooth or are they just crazy. And this woman is CRAZY. She has full out conversations with no one and it's really hard to tell when she is ready to order. I keep thinking to myself "Should I be listening to his woman?" And you know how when most crazies talk to themselves, you can't really understand what they are saying? Well, not with this woman. You can understand every freaking word and yet it still makes no sense.

Another woman intrigued me very much. She came in with one of those walkers that also has a little seat on it to rest. But her seat and the storage space underneath it had a plastic tub on it. And on the tub that was placed on the seat was a handwritten sign that said "Do NOT steal. God is watching YOU." with lots of rosaries and crosses taped to the tub as well. She also came with her own seat cushion. I was very curious about her because that statement was so forward and a bit hostel. Was she homeless? She didn't seem so. Was this just the stuff that she carried with her on a daily basis? Very possibly. Did she have a job? I'm going to go with no, most people with a job don't have a cart like that to tote around. Plus the tape that was holding her signs and rosaries was very old and dirty and wasn't even fully doing it's job. Which then leads me to believe that she does move this cart around with her everywhere, hence the no job. And yes I'm assuming here but I am just basing all this off of what I observed.

As for me and my life... I'm having dinner in a couple of days with some old girlfriends from college. I've gotten back in touch with them thanks to facebook. I think the last time I saw them was senior week so I am very excited. I am reading The Devil Wears Prada. It's OK, I haven't seen the movie and so far it's a lot of work in the office and I am over half-way through. There are some parts that make me giggle but mostly this would fall under the fluff category, when I don't want to think to hard to read a book. I'm working on getting all my things packed and ready not move out of mom's basement in under a month. In fact I was out in the garage on Sunday where I had a box of baby dolls that I was hoping to keep for my kids and a mouse and it's ruddy little family had made it's home in bed with my dolls. I had to throw almost all of them out, they were covered in mouse filth. That made me sad.

Ohhhh I saw Religulous. And it's is brilliant! Bill Maher puts into words everything that has been running through my mind about organized religion. He preaches doubt, he says. And I think he raises some great questions. And when he questions someone on their beliefs, asks for an explanation, they can't give it. He does a much better job in making his point than I do here. I highly recommend it to anyone, despite what your beliefs are. For how can you grow any stronger in what you already believe if you don't continue to question it?

OK, this was long winded... thanks for making it through.

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