Friday, October 10, 2008

Awesome awesomeness!

I spent the first hour this morning sitting in my jammies wondering what I was going to do on a dreary, gray day. It was a tad lonely getting up, with the sun in hiding, no one at home but the dog, and knowing all my friends are at work. So I watched Ellen, I love her, she is so funny! I made really bad coffee and didn't finish it. I wondered the house with the dog on my tail (get it? dog, tail. No? Just me then?) trying to decide what to do. And then the phone rang. And it turns out my day was going to be great. I got the cafe manager position at Barnes and Noble! YEA ME! I had interviewed with the head of cafe for the region yesterday and then I just sat back on my haunches and waited. So this morning I almost forgot about it. Or at least hadn't thought about in the first hour or so that I was up.

So I took the dog for a walk up to Caribou Coffee for a morning treat of well-made caffeinated deliciousness. On the way Jake called to congratulate me which was great! (I sent him a text the moment I found out. What can I say? I was excited!) I drank my yummy yummy coffee on the walk home and spent the rest of the day organizing all my junk that has been in my mom's basement since college graduation. Around mid-afternoon the sun had come out and it was a gorgeous fall day so I went out to pick raspberries. (Yes, I live in the city and my mom has a ginormous raspberry bush in the backyard.)

Mid-pick with my fingers all juicy and stained, my phone rings. And it's the apartment that I turned in an application for. And the day gets better because I got the apartment! My first place that is all mine, my furniture, my decorating, my food, mine. I get to move in around November 15th. I can't hardly wait!

A day that was cold and damp both literally and figuratively wound up being absolutely fantastic! I have a job and a new place to live and I haven't even been home a week. I rock!


  1. Congratulations all around!!! "Awesome awesomeness" almost seems like an understatement! =)

  2. That's great Sarah. Congratulations. Everytime I hear someone use the phrase "seriously" in that special tone I think of you. And no, it's definitely not the same in music now either!