Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day of rest? Not really

It is finally cold here. No you desert dwellers may be asking "Finally cold? What is this madness she speaks of?!" But I like the cold and the winter and wearing sweaters and scarfs and hats. It's cozy and playing in the snow is a blast. Plus it makes the warmer months that much more enjoyable. Now, unfortunately it's not the nice lovely cold, where the snow falls, new and soft it looks like little crystals. Or where you get to lay inside all day, reading, or having a movie marathon, eating yummy comfort food.

Today it's is windy and when I say windy I mean 30-50 miles an hour of sideways blowing winds, and it's not snowing and it's not raining, it's sleeting but the wet stuff isn't staying stuck to the ground. This kind of weather makes you want to stay inside because the cold bullets of water hitting your face sting like a son of a... But it's not so bad outside that you end up leaving the house to run errands, see a friend, go shopping. And getting slightly wet and a bit disgruntled in the end.

Ahhh well, I went to Target blew a lot of money on stuff for the new place, and then spent time packing more stuff in mom's basement.

Speaking of packing, man have I got a lot of shit. I've gone through every box I left here before the move to NM and got rid of many many things. But I've also come across so many things I forgot I had and then don't want to get rid of. Memorabilia, old papers from school, that sort of thing. However, my newest unanswered question is this... I am moving into a studio, where am I going to put the stuff I never look at but can't bear to get rid of?

Any thoughts?

Halloween is this Friday and I have no plans but some great costume ideas. I'd really like to go to a party. But no invites yet. If I sit at home I'll be very upset. And maybe a little blue too. We shall see.

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