Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thoughts from moments passed

I've noticed a lot of stuff lately, have spent much time sitting, waiting, and riding public transportation. The bus gets a variety of people...

1. A mother way too young to have had the 2 kids she did, pregnant with a 3rd, and smoking. What would she have done had I ripped that cigarette out of her hand? Probably said "Girl, you gonna get beat." Just like she told her son a few minutes earlier. Nice.
2. Crocs are white people shoes. I'm not being racist here, but look around. Only white people put those ugly things on their feet. And I plead guilty to it too. Those shoes are ugly but freakishly comfortable.
3. People really still go to the Mall of America as tourists. I thought that place lost it's flare years ago.
4. I think there was a girl on the bus this morning who was doing the walk (ride) of shame. She was on my bus last night leaving the MOA, and here she was this morning on the bus going back that direction in the same clothes as the night before. Now I understand that there are many reasons she could be on the bus wearing the same outfit, but the ride of shame is the most humorous.
5. I'm one of the few people who use the time waiting/riding to read. Most everyone else just sits, many with their bad music blaring from their headphones. (YOU'RE GOING TO GO DEAF!) How boring! When you just sit and wait and ride there is nothing more to do but read. It's fantastic!

As for me... this transition has been hard. I'm back in Minneapolis which is great but sometimes I still feel very lost. If I stay busy I'm OK. But when I have not much to do, or plenty of time to just think, my head and heart get all confused. A few nights ago my emotions hit a wall and I wound up crying in a public bathroom for a few minutes. I pulled it together and had some Davanni's garlic cheese bread and a diet coke, and I was better. There are many times where all I do is think think think. And still don't seem to have many answers or resolutions or clarification. Maybe that is the way it's supposed to be. When one question/problem is solved, another comes and stands right in front of you.

I move into my apartment in 13 days! A-woo-hoo! I think I might paint a wall... a nice earthy, warm tone. And I need a rug. Something with a big print on it.

I start at my store tomorrow! I'm excited but nervous. I had everything memorized at the MOA, placement and where things were and such. And now I have to start over. The wonderful woman who was training me was a dear and said I'm set, I should be fine. Heres hoping!

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