Sunday, November 16, 2008

A blog or two in one entry

MY first full day in my apartment is coming to an end. I got everything into the place yesterday by noon, and was half way unpacked by the time I went to bed at 8:30. I know, it's early and it was a Saturday night, but I was tired. As I lay there in my bed looking at all my half unpacked boxes, and randomness about, I noticed I was in my own space. And my own space has never been so still. There was no TV, no pets, no breathing from another being, just me. It was very weird.

When my mom left at about 5:30 I sat down in my chair and almost started to cry. All by myself. But I quickly got my act together and opened a beer, lit a candle, put some Dave Matthews in my stereo and continued my way around my new place. When I went to bed, I slept through the night, which surprised me. I thought I'd toss and turn from being in unfamiliar surroundings but it was a peaceful sleep. I was oddly comforted by the sounds of the street, the buses, the people walking by, I even heard a neighbor start to sing opera. (Or at least that is what it sounded like through the walls. It was a pleasant sound.)

I woke before my alarm, and got up and had some cereal. Then I continued to work around my stuff. The piles getting smaller, the boxes getting emptied. I left mid-morning and walked down to get Caribou Coffee. Yum, my favorite. Mom came over and helped me hang my curtains. I had music on all day. And by now I think most everything is where it should be.

I just did some yoga with the Beatles playing in the background. It's 7pm, and I'm starting to feel like this is mine. It's a curious feeling when you live by your self for the first time. No one to talk to any time, no one to check in with, no one to ask if it's OK to do this or that, cooking for yourself, having control of the remote (even though I don't have cable yet, but that is beside the point).

I still have so many things to get that I didn't even realize I didn't have. A strainer, a coffee maker, a cutting board, a silverwear holder, a knife block, more cleaning supplies, an iron, ice cube trays. Ice cube trays and a spare roll of toiletpaper should be left in any home you are leaving. A nice surprise for the next person moving in plus it's good karma.

Now it is the end of day 2. I'm getting more and more used to my place. I got internet coming at the end of the week, (I am currently sitting in a coffee shop using their free interwebs), I got the electric in my name, I'm trying to get back into the swing of my writing. I haven't done too much since I moved. I just found it hard, with my mind running and my heart trying to catch up. It was like I was just hanging in the breeze at mom's house, waiting for my space. And now that it is here, I am starting to feel more settled. It's nice.

The bus ride is about 25 minutes shorter which means I get 25 more mintues of sleep. And who doesn't love that?! I've already met a few of my neighbors. One was a woman old enough to be my grandma named Bernice. I know that there is a woman who lives in my building who has lived there her whole life, her parents used to be the caretakers. I am wondering if Bernice is that woman. She was very sweet, walks with a walker, and told me that if she doesn't say my name when we meet again, no to be upset. Her eyesight is failing and she has trouble seeing faces. She was a sweetheart. There is a fella that I heard yesterday morning playing his guitar and singing. I was instantly intrigued because he was playing "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan, and then Jimi Hendrix and then Dave Matthews. I traveled down the hallway a bit to listen. He was pretty good.

I could keep rambling here, but I don't have much more to say. Or at least of any importance. I'm just getting used to, well... used to things.


  1. Your blog reminds me of my last two moves. There is something incredibly peaceful and lonely about moving to a new place and a new town (though you lived there before, its sorta new with a break). I've always experienced mixed emotions--but mostly positive feelings with optimism stirred in.

    Two comments: caribou has hoof mints and they are the most incredible little pieces of minty wintery goodness i have ever experienced. Also, you said 'interwebs'! Ha! Dork:)

  2. Moving into a new place is ALWAYS stressful, oddly upsetting, yet exciting and fun. I remember feeling at odds moving into this place, even though I was glad to be back to my home town, and this apartment is the nicest place I've ever lived. (Without my parents, anyway.) It's just the stress of a big change that will wear anybody down.

    But your place sounds charming, and I would love to come visit you some time! Seriously. :)