Monday, November 10, 2008


I signed my lease today! Yea me! I am getting so insanely excited to move. The building manager is so nice and easy to talk to. We chatted for a bit today about family and living in the city and other things. She gave me a whole packet on the building and who to call when and I even got address labels! How great is that? I then went across the street to the pharmacy to get my info in their system and they were even nice to talk to. "Welcome to the neighborhood!" they said. "Thanks!" I replied with a big smile. I seriously can not wait for this weekend! I get to hang up pictures and my curtains that I bought almost a year ago. I get to pull out all my books that have been in storage for over a year and a half. I can just feel good things coming around the corner!

Work is getting better. I had my first day off in 9 days on Saturday and I did some errands and had lunch with my friend Kerstin from college. We hadn't seen each other in several years, so it was great to get caught up. We laughed a lot, in fact my cheeks hurt by the time we left. Then yesterday I did nothing but walk the dog. And I mean nothing. I said I was going to read and write this weekend, yep didn't happen. I watched bad TV on Sunday and debated about going to get chocolate for almost 2 hours. See? Lay-zy! It was nice.

Hope the week is as good to you all as it has been to me so far!


  1. but... did you get the chocolate?

  2. Awesome!! Have a fabulous move and settling in time!