Friday, November 14, 2008

My kind of good Friday

First off, I have to write about this woman on the bus this afternoon... my word she was a riot! I had run to the bus and my coffee was spilling. I get on and tell the driver "Oh jeez, I've got coffee spillage, I'm a mess." So as the bus starts to move, I pretty much fall into the first available seat from the forward motion of the ginormous vehicle. And this woman across from me says "I hate it when I spill my coffee. You know what the solution is? Drink it from a straw." I giggled. And then I laughed inside even more when I got a focus on her. She was old enough to be my grandma, had big glasses, Bloody Mary red lipstick on and it was bleeding into the lines around her mouth, she had an almost purple (it was that one shade between red and purple that is still OK for a hair color) wig on, and a big bag in her lap. She then continued to talk and talk and talk. She said "I drink my coffee from a straw that way I don't mess my lipstick." And then she said some snide remark about Sarah Palin and lipstick that was very funny and if I weren't in a public spot I would have started in on my rant on the stupidity of Palin. I choose to save that for another time. But this woman was priceless. I wound up sitting next to her when I gave up my seat for a dad and his daughter. But she told me to sit down next to her and I didn't want to be rude. She told me that she has 4 kids, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. She's 76 or 86 I can't remember which and her mother is in her 90's and still ticking. She's going back to school, she said, for Criminal Justice. Which I can't decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing. She remembers where she was when Kennedy was shot, a department store in a small town in Minnesota. She was shopping for Western boots, she said. She talked and I listened because I thought she was so ridiculously intriguing that I wanted to hear what she would say next. I did get off much earlier than my usual stop to run an errand, but had I met this woman at another time I would have liked to talk to her more. Think of all the stuff she has seen, been through, experienced. And the best part is she was willing to talk about it. To anyone apparently. She seemed a bit crazy, but that made her all that more wonderful.

Secondly, I got my ass handed to me at work today. And when I say handed I mean the rushes of Debbie Downer morning people who want their dumb small coffee came in droves and I just simply couldn't move fast enough. I have a new found respect for anyone working in the food industry (even though I've done it before) and a new found respect for my awesome co-workers. They do seem to do this so much smoother than I feel I ever could. But one of them reassured me that they all feel like they are running around like (and I'm going to use a very true cliche here) chickens with their heads cut off. I couldn't keep the coffee brewed, just when I ran out that was when I needed a new cup. I couldn't keep on top of the nasty breakfast sandwiches that were being ordered and needed to be grilled. And just when I felt I was caught up, we had no one in line. I guess maybe that means that I was keeping pace with the line. Who knows? I guess it take patience and time to get used to flow. But wow-sers, that was a lot of coffee and a lot of bagels this morning. Too much coffee, maybe...

And now the most exciting move!

I stopped in at my apartment today, just to see that my keys worked and that the phone at the front door was hooked up to my phone and to see my place. It looks fantastic! I've never moved into such a clean and well cared for apartment. It's usually one or the other, not both at the same time. It's freshly painted, except for the main room, that I'll do myself. Everything is clean, and I mean everything. The stove is spotless, the freezer is defrosted, the storm windows are in, the wood floor is nice and clean. And the building manager even went through the move-in inspection with me since we were both there. Plus when I got back to mom's house I was able to go to Target and get a fantastic rug and a rod to hang my curtains on! I'm set. Just those things that you don't realize you need until you are in the place and food is all I need.

Oh seriously, this move is the best thing! I know I've been saying this for about 2 weeks, but I am so so so stinking excited about my new place! I can barley contain myself. Tonight I've been packing up the remainder of my stuff, clothes and books that I've had out since I got back to MN. And dancing up a storm to Elvis, Dixie Chicks, James Hunter, all this music that makes me shake my booty, and drinking Premium. Wish you could be here to laugh at me, don't you? I'm a good time!

Wish me luck on the move!


  1. Yes, as you once told me, via voice mail at 7:30 in the morning prior to a garage sale, you are a heck of a lot of fun and a sure thing! Ha!

  2. haha, oh man, that lady sounded like a character. I love people like that. Especially old people like that.