Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heres to history part 2

The front of the Star Tribune struck me silent for a few moments just now. It's a photo of Bush and Obama in the Oval Office. The caption says they were discussing the economy and security issues. The headline read "The Transfer of Power Begins." When a picture says a thousand words, this is a prime example.
The word striking comes to mind, along with historical.
Neat, and this is simply because the carpet in that room is immaculate. It looks like all the furnishings are fresh and new. Not several years old.
A bit dull, and this is also because it's all beige, with maybe a hint of blue.

I'm just struck by these two historical figures caught on film and appearing so laid back. They could be chatting about dinner plans, not the future of this country. And yet they also seem so unbelievably comfortable. Now granted I am no where near having the qualities to run for president let alone be elected but if it were me, I'd look a bit more nervous. This is probably listed in the long list as to why I will never run for public office. (Although if someone told me I could become royalty, I'd gladly wear a crown.)

This picture really is a transfer of power not just for the presidency but also for us as citizens. We are being given the option to have our future back, our choices be ours again, our hopes recognized and our fears settled. And because of this power transfer, both literally and figuratively, I have a huge optimistic bubble floating around me, rather than a weight on my shoulders.

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