Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thoughts on the day of turkey and giving thanks

I just went and saw the movie Milk with Sean Penn. It was really really good. It's about the first openly gay man elected to political office in the late 1970's.

First off, Sean Penn is such an amazing actor. He truly becomes the character and puts all emotion into what he does. In this particular movie, when his character cried, I cried. I wanted to hug him. Sean Penn picks such interesting people to portray, and does a stand up job every time.

Secondly, I wish topics like this movie were taught in schools. In my classes we briefly covered civil rights, but I'd never heard of Harvey Milk. I wish there was just a class on social movements from history. Rather than just a history class, I wish they got more specific in the teachings.

In watching this movie I was reminded of all that people have gone through to get where we are today. And even today the travels, the fights, the paths aren't done, aren't completed. Right now I am so thankful for anyone who has fought for what they believe in. I'm thankful for the differences that get us talking and the similarities that pull us closer. I am amazed at all we as a human race have gone through. But I am even more enthralled with what a community, any community be it a race, a sex, a group with an opinion, have gone through to get us here today. The perseverance that some people have stored within them, is a bright shining star in their fight.

Today after dinner there was a healthy heated discussion on many issues, but mostly on human stereotypes and the ability to judge others. I wouldn't say this was the best topic to discuss on a day where we give thanks, but it surly made me appreciate the human spirit. For someone to have so much passion for something, to take that desire as far as riots, marches, supreme court, or just discussions at the dinner table. It all makes my spine tingle in excitement for our differences and the ability to accept.

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  1. Last term I taught a class called Drama as Literature: Gays in Plays. I wish Milk had come out then and I would have taken them all to see it for a field trip. I totally want to see it!