Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Heres to history being made!

Yesterday at about 10pm central time I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Barack Obama is our president! I couldn't be more thrilled! I was nervous the whole night, I was twitchy and spent a good chunk of the evening avoiding the TV. Plus we had two TV's on and sometimes they weren't saying the same thing. It was frustrating. So I spent some time drinking wine, eating lots of yummy food and chitty chatting.

On the way home, (mom and I were at an election party) we heard McCain's concession speech. And I do have to say I thought it was very upstanding. He was gracious and eloquent. If he had talked like that for the last two months I might have thought a little different of him. I still would have voted for Obama, don't get me wrong! But I commend McCain for finally bowing out with dignity.

Then I heard Obama's acceptance speech. And oh my... it brought tears to my eyes, I felt full of hope and high spirits. He is so well spoken and really says things that allow American people to believe that the government is working for them. He makes me feel like I have a say, that good things are going to happen, that there is going to be movements toward benefiting the majority of the American people. I think his speech is going to go down in history with "I have a dream" and Kennedy's inaugural speech, and "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind." They are going to review his speech and this election in history classes.

His speech was moving, uplifting, believable, and all inclusive. I applaud you Mr. Obama, soon to be Mr. President, for a job well done and for the beginning of a bright and refreshing new chapter! Thank you!


  1. if this was moving, what do you think his inaugural (sp??) speech will be like?

  2. I'm glad that McCain's speech was well received. I believe that showed more of his true character. If only he has spoken like that throughout his bid for President, he would have been better received. Maybe not President...but at least liked more. (Hey, I'm a girl that wants everyone to get along!)
    What I appreciated about Obama's speech was when he talked about accepting his victory in humbleness. We are a country divided on just about every issue. I liked that he wasn't there to brag about winning (not that I thought he would have), but that he urges everyone to show humility and come together. Hopefully the supporters of both candidates can do that. Divided, we accomplish little, but united...we can change the world.

  3. I'm glad that Obama won too. I agree that McCain's concession speech was very gracious, and that if he had shown more of that side of himself instead of just the sarcastic attack mode (and all those "air quotes") I would have perceived him more favorably too. But Obama had a great campaign, and hopefully it will prove to be a true testament of his intentions in office.