Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving eve

I just had a great night! My closest family friends who I should just call simply call my family had a birthday party for their daughter. I used to babysit her but now she is 22 and a dear dear friend of mine. Although we rarely see each other seeing as how she is in college in Washington, but when we do it's like we got together last week. They had invited other close family friends and grandparents and I just love being at their house. One, it's always full of delicious food and wine, two you guaranteed to have a good time, and three it's full of love and caring and genuine interest in others. I love it. I saw many people who have known me for over 20 years and hadn't seen me in at least a year. And we greeted each other with open arms and big smiles. I am going back there tomorrow for Thanksgiving and am truly looking forward to it. My mom will be coming after work, I'll be with people who are very close to my heart and I'll be eating lots and lots of yummy food. Could the day get any better?!

Happy Turkey day, a few hours early!

I'm thankful for so much. Stay tuned for specifics...

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