Friday, November 21, 2008

A brief summary

Tomorrow it will be a week in my place. I've gotten used to it faster than I would have thought but I think that is also because for two nights this week I went to mom's for dinner and got home after 9 or 10 at night. Thanks for the grub, Mom! I just got internet hooked up! A-woo-hoo! Now I don't have to go down to Caribou and buy unneeded coffee to get online. Although I'm sure I still will every now and then. ;-)

I do have to take a moment here and mope... No one but my mom and my aunt (which I whole heartedly appreciate) have called to see how the new place is, or how I am. No one. It's a bit sad and lonely but I'm getting past it.

Moving on.

I'm really getting into the swing of things at work and it's actually fun now. I'm getting the hang of my ordering, my crew and I laugh a lot, and I was told that I'm a very nice and patient manager. Which is always nice to hear. We just have the Hollidazzle Parade coming up and I'm nervous for that. Everyone who has done that before says it's no big deal, so I'm trying to keep my cool.

I'm reading Christopher Rice's newest book right now. He's a decent suspense writer. I've read all of his books. They flow well, and I never really know where he is headed in the story.

I'm working on my 5th writing assignment and really feeling like I'm not making any progress. I just haven't been able to focus. It's due in a little over a week and I need to buckle down and do it. Maybe I should stop blogging here and work on it.


I'm off tomorrow and plan on having no plans. Sounds nice, huh?

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  1. Christopher Rice? Is that the guy who wrote all those suspense books about high school kids? - that was Christopher Pike. oops! :)