Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful day!
I woke up this morning and the sun was shinning, it was lovely. Then I go out to head to my yoga class, and there is a small dusting of snow on the ground, it sparkles just a bit in the morning sun, there is no wind so it's a crisp winter morning. It was perfect. I walked to yoga, had a good, quiet class. Then went to Target for some more apartment necessities.

I am going back to work at Illusion Theatre tonight. I have been with them off and on for 10 years. And I just found out that 2 of my co-workers at Barnes and Noble work at the box office. So that is where I'll be working. It's an extra little job with a company that is easy to work for if you don't get to deep in it. Maybe I could do some running crew stuff too. I'd love to get back into theatre, if I don't have to be one of the main designers/collaborators. It gets to stressful in that position and then I hate doing theatre.

Until this evening I may jsut sit and enjoy the daylight coming in my window....

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