Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ahhhh summer

After not doing much all day, then taking a nap because I was tired from not doing much all day, my evening is picking up. Let me tell you what rocks. An impromptu dinner of brats, beer, and friends. That is where my evening is at the moment. The boys are cooking, the girls are drinking,laughter and discussion is had by all. I love it when stuff like this happens. All your friends have no plans and get together for a yummy meal. It's even better because it's summer. I think everyone has the childhood thoughts of summer fun in the back of their mind when they get together as adults in the summer setting sun. Remember when everything you did in the summer involved your friends and new found fun times? It brings a smile to your face, and your eyes gaze into the distance, thinking of the free feeling summer had before we all became grown-ups. I think that is what makes nights like this so special. It's like we all get to step away from the fast moving daily lives of work and bills, and getting things done and errands run. We take the evening to enjoy the comfort of friends, beer and grilled food. Ahhhh, summer.
May you all take a day or five or ten this summer and do the same thing.

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