Monday, June 9, 2008

The shiznit

Work was fine, nothing exciting today. And the best part of my 7-4 day, no one yelled at me or made fun of me, or walked out upset.
But beside that, let me tell you what rocks. Having burgers on the grill, cold beer and a nice summer evening. And having you air conditioning working again. It's been absolutely fucking miserable here with the temperature close to 100 degrees and no sort of cooling system in our house. And to top it off, I'm now going to go work out now. Nothing like eating a greezy burger, fries, and light beer and then going to run your chubby ass on the treadmil. A-woo-hoo!
Then I'll come back to my wonderfully cooled apartment, and read a hilarious book by my new fav author, Jenn Lancaster. If you like bitter self-deprecating humor, she is the one for you.
Not bad for a Monday.

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