Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday is good

Today is another installment of Three Good Things.
1. Day off. Everyone loves a day off!
2. I have a cute skirt on, from my friend Katya. It's short and flirty and I feel all girly in it.
3. I wrote out a rough draft to my third writing assignment.
4. Jake made yummy ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.
OK, so that is four. But one can never have too many good things.
It's cooled down here and by that I mean it's in the 90's and not the 100's. But it's surprisingly pleasant outside. I have a meeting at work at 7pm and I'm sort of looking forward to walking to work in the evening air. Maybe that is good thing number 5.
Oh here you go, good thing number 5 and 6.
5. Talked to my friend Lynn today. She is a dear and understands and listens better than almost anyone.
6. Talked to my mom today too. I miss my mom. Need I say more?
I'm digging this good thing thing I got going on. I think it can stay. :-)

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