Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just let me get this off my chest

I was informed yesterday that i hadn't blogged in a while and I was a tiny bit stunned that anyone actually came on a read what I wrote. So ask and ye shall receive...

I would like to preface this with I try to be a generally happy nice person and tend to get annoyed when all other people do is piss and moan about things. But this blog is going to be filled with piss and moan. Brace yourself.

1. We had a water stain on the ceiling that was noted last fall when we move in.
2. A leak started where the water stain already was this spring when we FINALLY got our AC hooked up.
3. A week, yep a week, later Roto Rooter comes and rips down the ceiling and repairs the leak. Leaving a mess of ceiling debris on our floor and a giant whole in the ceiling where mind you, we could see the sky through the roof. Lovely.
4. Several days later, the "maintenance" (and I quote because they suck and don't deserve the real title) patched up the hole.
5. Many days ofter that, a "maintenance" guy comes back to paint the ceiling and I asked if I needed to cover anything in the room. Plant splatters you know. "Uh, no. I'm just painting the ceiling." was the troglodyte reply.
6. However, he didn't paint because it wasn't dry enough to sand. He'd be back in the morning.
7. The following afternoon I arrive home, to see the ceiling painted yet not sanded. Fine. But to top it off there are paint splatters all over our stuff.

What to do now? You all know that no matter how much we push, pry, beg and plead nothing will come of this. We won't get reimbursed for the damages, no one will come to clean up the mess, the shitty paint/no sanding job will never get fixed, and we will still be expected to pay a full months rent.

I say it again, fuck you Park Place Apartments!

Usually I wouldn't be so upset, because it is just things that have paint splattered on them, and things can be replaced. It's the principal of the the whole ordeal. It's inconsiderate, it's rude, there is no compassion, no one who can do anything about what has happened gives a shit. I even asked the "maintenance" asshole if I should cover things up and he was nonchalant about it all. And then he goes and damages all my things.

Sucks sucks double sucks.

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