Thursday, June 19, 2008

If I were in Minneapolis right now.

Do you know how many places I could go to if it weren't so god damn hot out?! But to top it off do you know how many places I could to if I were back home in Minneapolis?
Caribou Coffee.
Uptown, for the shopping and people watching
A walk around the lake
To my mom's for some laughs.
To Cathy and Scott's for even more laughs.
The Art Institute - I could spend all day wondering their rooms
A baseball game. I miss baseball.
I'd go to Matt's Bar tonight for a Juicy Lucy. If you are a burger lover, you haven't lived until you've had a Juicy Lucy.
The antique shops near my mom's house, I like old things.
To a matinee of a theatre production.

I realize I say all these things like the were part of my daily life when I lived in MN. Not so much my daily but maybe my monthly life. I just really miss it. But right now, this hot hot week, I miss having the freedom to go outside and not die in the heat. It's so unpleasant out, it makes going anywhere and doing almost anything not as much fun.
Sigh... Minnesota...

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  1. I miss it! And I miss you! Can't wait to have coffee time with you again!