Sunday, June 29, 2008

A day of rest

I love it when you go to a store, like Old Navy or Target and walking through the doors you realize that all you are wearing is from that store. Even down to your skivvies. I did that today. Apparently I heart Target more than I thought because all I had on was from Target. Even my purse. They should pay me to be a walking advertisement. I'd take the extra money!
Yesterday my friends and I had a yard sale. I sold things that I didn't use, wear, listen to or read any more. And I made over $40!! People will buy anything! It was awesome.
I slept-in today. It was great. I was dreaming that I was at a wedding with people from high school and college. The wedding was a huge production that had skits in it and everything. Than my phone rang and I didn't get to finish it. The dream was so focused on the skits and all the people making cameos appearances that I don't even remember was was getting married. I don't remember my dreams much anymore, I used to. So when I do, I don't want to wake up.
I haven't done three good things in a few days, but I think the above is the sum up. I'm reading a funny book right now, Autobiography of a Fat Bride. And I'm writing about summer camp for my next assignment. It's not nearly as hot here today as it has been. It's actually overcast today, which is nice.
Today is my day off, and I'm taking full advantage of it. Slept in, got coffee at about 2pm, went to Target and found a good deal on jeans, and am now watching Americas Next Top Model Marathon and writing. And it's nice outside. Love today!

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