Saturday, July 5, 2008

The day after the fourth

I feel like I have should have much more to say, seeing as how we just had a national holiday, my birthday is in 13 days, and it's the weekend. But really I don't. I guess no news is good news, right?
I spent the fourth at work (time and a half!) and then went to my friend Mary's for a BBQ get together. That was a good time. Friends, beer, laughter, conversation, all of my favorite things! We watched the fireworks from Mary's front yard, we could see them over the hill. But I've decided that fireworks aren't nearly as climactic without the big boom. Next year I have to be right underneath them! Getting scared shitless from loud sparkling flames right above your head is one of the best parts about the fourth!
I saw a girl at work today who had "I Hate You" written on the back of each of her shoes. Nice.
I have no plans for tomorrow, the day of rest. Sleep, TV, maybe a walk and some reading I'm suer will make it into the day.
The guys who live below us are intriguing to watch. I have no idea how many of them live there. But there is always at least 5 pairs of shoes outside the front door. It's a three bedroom and so many guys come and go from that place I can't keep track. Their front door is like a clown car! There is one girl who lives there and all I ever see her do is clean. I wonder how many actually live there and what they all do when I'm at work. I never see them leave for work, their always dressed fairly sloppy, and the drink lots of Miller Light. Curious...
I'm off fro dinner of brats on the grill! A-woo-hoo!

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