Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today at work

So today at work... it was a quiet, uneventful day in music. I didn't even have many visits from fellow co-workers. I got a lot done and had a mellow day, both in my head and at work. Until about 2:30 in the afternoon.
I had a couple young people come in and look at the rap section. I asked them a few times if they needed help or were looking for anything specific. No, just looking, was all I got. One of them ordered a CD and then they left.
A few minutes later I find a stolen CD (an empty case, missing the CD, the wrapping and tag ripped off) on the floor. And coincidently the stolen CD was the same band as the one that was ordered by one of the culprits.
I was instantly angry. We looked at the camera and there was the kid stealing the CD while I was doing my job and helping the other. So another manager and I went out into the mall just to see if the kids were still around. And sure enough, there they were, shuffling through the mall, dirty and lazy.
I went up to them and said "Hi. I have you two on camera stealing from my store and you need to come back with me." And I turned around and there was mall security and they escorted us all back.
I had never done this before so I was shaking like a leaf. I think part of it was I was finally catching these little rug rats. Too bad for these kids that they got to suffer the brunt of all my frustration towards thieves.
We get back to the office at work and the two of them sit down. And I said the following...
"Why did you do it? That wasn't yours to take. You break the law because you are bored? You need a hobby!"
Apparently we aren't supposed to say anything to them until the cops show up, so at that point my manager pulled me into the office to have me look at nothing important. Basically to cool my jets.
All I got from these kids was shrugs and sad little nods. One of them was released because she wasn't the one who did the stealing and the other was taken out in handcuffs. I couldn't watch, he was 17 or 18 years old, scared, and lost. It was so sad.
My day in a nutshell...
finished my promotion change-over
did some returns
helped some nice customers
thought about things big and small
got some kids taken in by the police for taking a CD.
All in a days work.
But the good part of all this, the cops that came in were very handsome. It always helps when the people are pretty.

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