Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nothing specific...

I spent today being Suzie Homemaker, so to speak. I got up and was not happy, sleep seemed so much more appealing. And without any coffee and after a bit of What Not To Wear (I freaking love that show) and I got in the shower and got my butt moving. I did laundry, even had to go to work to trade in dimes and nickels for quarters. Those of you who don't have to leave your home any more to do laundry, count your blessings. The washing of the clothes I don't mind, it's the loading them into the car, finding change, driving to the laundromat that bugs me. And today I also sssshhhhhed some children who were running amok and screaming that high pitch child scream while their tiny mother sat on a bench and waited for her clothes to dry.
Then I came home and cleaned, vacuumed (that word looks weird with two u's), cleaned some more. And I had Friends on the TV the whole time. Would you expect any less? But my kitchen floor is dirt-free, my carpet has those nice vacuum lines in it, and my bathroom is sparling!
I'm sure this is all nice and dull but... it was my day.
My book is good. The one about the father and son watching movies. I think after this I'll read the new David Sedaris. He's fantastic. Seriously, if I could get paid to read I'd be.... I don't know what I'd be. Uber content, the person with the best job ever? Really really cool?
It's finally cooled off here. And I mean like 70-80, it's really nice. Overcast too, so the sun isn't burning everything in sight.
Time to think about eating something for dinner...yum.

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