Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been a while

I haven't done my three good things in a while, mostly because I've been in a generally good mood and haven't felt the need to look for three good things a day. But it never hurts to accentuate the positive, in more ways then one.

So here goes...
1. I got a fantastic hand bag from my friend Rebecca today for a belated birthday present. It's so damn cute, very Carrie Bradshaw. I may post a picture it's so cute!
2. I got a sweet little e-card from my mom reminding me that she loves me. I love you too, Mom!
3. I have the day off tomorrow.
4. I am going to go work out soon (that isn't so much a good thing as a must do thing) but I now have a little Ipod to listen to when I do. It makes running so much more fun!
5. I started a new book today, The Art of Racing In The Rain. A fiction story told from the family dog's point of view. It's already an easy read and endearing.

OK, so that was more than three. But who's counting, eh?

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