Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I got up this morning with nothing on my agenda. After watching Ellen, having some coffee I gathered up my things and got on the 2 bus.

With no destination in mind I decided to get off the bus when either the route ended or I saw a non-chain coffee shop out the window. The coffee shop came first and I got off the bus in the Cedar/Riverside neighborhood. I went to a place called Mapps Coffee and Tea. (Why it's spelled with 2 p's I have no idea.) I got a coffee and a little tasty pastry and sat and finished a book. Then I pulled out my computer and wrote for a while.

One of my writing books has all these "Try this" exercises within the chapters and one of them is to sit down and start with "I want to write" and go from there. So I did. I am choosing not to share it here for my own reasons but it felt good to get some well articulated thoughts down on a topic that is very much in the front of my mind.

When I finished I packed up my things and started walking. I ended up walking all the way home through downtown. It took me about an hour and a half and I was nearly knocked over by the wind. And my feet have gotten a brutal awakening for flip flop seasons. They are dirty with a few worn spots from the straps of the flip flops. But I loved it. It was a nice walk.

I also stopped at the Minneapolis Public Library. I had never been there before. It's huge and a bit intimidating with ALL it's books. I didn't really know where to go to look for anything but also didn't really know what I was looking for. I sat and read for a bit and then continued on my way.

It's now only 4pm and I have walked my city. I still have yoga tonight and am going to dance/walk to that with my Ipod.

It was a nice few hours alone. I don't mind spending time by myself. But I haven't spoken in several hours and that is rare for me. Today is a good day for me to sit in my head and think.


  1. Those kinds of days are great! Sometimes you can run across things and/or people that are literally right next door that you would not have discovered or met otherwise. Hometown exploration is good stuff.

  2. I love picturing you dancing to your yoga class with your headphones on. =P You really know how to live, lady.