Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bit before midnight

It is a little past 11 on Tuesday night, I have to be up at 4:30 to be to work by 6 and I can't get to sleep. I've been laying in bed for the last hour and a half trying to fall asleep and nothing.

So here I am.

I'm making some peach tea. Hoping that will help me be sleepy.

But I am also listening to one of the quietest nights I've heard in a long time. It has been trying to storm all evening. And I say trying because the wind is blowing like there is a storm coming, it smells like rain outside, and it's a got a cool serene feeling to it. Just like before a storm hits. I would love it to thunderstorm. We haven't had a good hard spring rain yet and I want to the thunger so loud it shakes the walls.

The buses roll by and the leaves move in the wind and it's one of the most calming noises there is. There wasn't much action outside tonight because of the chill and my building which is many times very nocturnal, is extremely mellow tonight.

Mmmmmm, hot tea. So soothing.

I just looked out my open window and for being the middle of the night, the sky has an odd orange tint to it. Although I am 5 blocks from downtown, perhaps I've just never noticed it before.

The buildings of downtown have decorative lights on their tops. Like the Target Corp building is the one with the multi-colored chasing lights, and Wells Fargo is the building with the stacks and stacks of gold glowing levels, and the IDS has just one strip of little lamps that run the perimeter of the top. Did you know that all these lights shut off at some point in the night? I was coming home from St. Paul one night a few years ago and thought "Oh my god, who turned off the city?" Usually it was a comfort to me to see the buildings lit up. But by this hour they were off. I don't know what time they get shut off. I want to know if they all shut off at the same time. Like it's one big switch that Glen, the city electrician pulls every night at the same time before he goes to bed. It makes a big clunking noise as it goes from on to off. I've always wanted to sit on the South side of lake Harriet at night and wait to see when they go off. Watch it officially become bed time as the buildings say "Sweet dreams."

Speaking of sweet dreams.... heres to hoping I'll get there at some point tonight.

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